EDM Machine

Alternative Solutions for Custom Profiles

Profile Xtrusions works with Acoustic Ceiling Products (ACP) as a partner in developing custom profiles to optimize performance and control costs. They have developed alternative materials that have controlled costs increasing without affecting product performance. They do a great job of exhausting all options and coming up with other alternatives to their processes to allow us to achieve our goals.

Recycling Programs

Profile Xtrusions’ reuses materials from the ACP production run that may be out of spec initially and are able to control costs. They often discuss with us the opportunity for other recycled materials to be added into our projects without affecting performance.  

Solutions-Based Attitude

Profile Xtrusions’ ¬†flexibility, can-do attitude and years of experience have helped us out in many situations. Also the fact that they produce tools in-house helps us get to a production product much quicker. ¬†“In our routine meetings when I bring up challenges or concerns they are very forward thinking and have the experience to offer up solutions.” Charles Walker, ACP