Calibration and tooling

Quality Products at Quicker Speed

Profile Xtrusions has helped Owens Corning remove waste out of our product, to have thinner profiles, which allows for less material and quicker turnaround time.  Each time we go to Profile Xtrusions with a new idea or challenge, they always dive in head first without hesitation.  They are willing to take on new projects for us at lightning speed and return quality products without showing any changes to our external customers.

Solutions that are Effective and Smart

A couple of months ago Owens called the Profile Xtrusions team with a challenge. The supplier of our pole covers was exiting the business. We wanted the Profile Xtrusion team to reverse engineer our current pole cover, but at the same time make some improvements. Once again, the team came through with a quality product and winning concept. In the end both teams decided that it wasn’t worth the time, money and effort for the low volume of the material used.

Customers are Team Members

The team at Profile Xtrusions treats us like we are a part of their team. They are willing to help with anything and go above and beyond to satisfy us as a customer. By working with such a great partner like Profile Xtrusions, everything is seamless to our Owens Corning customers.