Plastic resin pellets

Recycling Initiative Leads to ISO4001 Certification

Advanced Technology, Inc. (ATI) serves a number of industries and in the last 5 years, there has been a strong movement towards a reduced environmental impact from products and processes. One of the ways that ATI has chosen to react to that is to seek certification under ISO4001. ISO4001 is an international set of standards, which help companies minimize how their operations and processes negatively impact the environment. ATI achieved this certification on October 2, 2012 and has continued to manage any negative impacts ATI’s processes might have on the environment.

Profile Xtrusions Recycles Off Cuts for New Product

Part of the challenge to achieve the ISO4001 certification was met by a¬†recycling initiative to reuse the edge trims from the off cuts of ATI’s product. In the past, this “scrap” was just tossed into the dumpster and destined for the landfill. ¬†Now ATI captures those off cuts, grind them and delivers them to Profle Xtrusions. The grinded parts are then used to extrude plastic for yet another use as corner protectors.

ATI and Profile Xtrusions Partnership

Charles Walker of Advanced Technology (ATI) explains that , “the process of managing an ISO4001 certification is made easier when you have an environmentally conscious business partner like Profile Xtrusions. Profile Xtrusions’ unique and innovative use of our edge trimming has been a resounding success for both parties. In addition to keeping tons of PVC out of the landfill, we also get back corner protectors for our shipment which reduces our dependence on paper and chalkboard packing material. One of our targeted environmental impacts is a reduction in what we send to the landfill and this reuse of waste helps us achieve that target.”